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Early Childhood Center Staff
About Us
The West Grand Early Childhood Center provides infants and toddlers with a safe setting for care that will offer them appropriate developmental challenges, and promote optimum health for all children. The program will prioritize the strengthening of the child’s developing family and cultural identity by making meaningful connections between child care and the child’s family and culture. The relationships formed will allow the child to feel important, heard and understood.

The qualified teachers at our center are dedicated to supporting the development of each child, at their own pace and level. For the care to be appropriate for each infant and toddler, the teachers will get to know each child as an individual and fulfill their unique needs and curiosities. The teachers will become sensitive to the child’s cues, connect with their family and culture, and develop responsible, relationship-based care. Infant and toddler care will be based on strong relationships with the Care Teachers, who will provide each infant and toddler ways to learn the lessons that every child comes into the world eager to learn.
It is the honor of WGECC to provide care for the children of our very important staffulty and community members. The care that is offered will compliment and prepare each child for their future school experiences, as the continuity of care is respected and nurtured.

Brightwheel: Brightwheel is our parent/teacher communication hub, which will provide real time updates on your child's day at the Center. Communication can flow freely between Care Teachers and parents throughout the day. Pictures, videos and updates about your child are sent through the app so that parents can stay informed about their child's day.
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