Employee Information

Continued Education Reimbursement

Did you know that, employees with more than 30 days of accumulated sick leave shall be allowed to use those days over 30 at the rate of the current teacher substitute pay rate, $130.00, per day for licensed staff and administrators or at the rate of one-half the current teacher substitute pay rate per day, $65.00, for classified staff. This benefit may be used to attend approved classes or workshops. Payment shall be made at the completion of the schooling and after a cost schedule is presented. Less than full-time employees shall be paid at one-half of the aforementioned rate. Please review policy GBGG for more information.

Employee Self-Care

We as caring adults need to take care of ourselves. Just as we are told on an airplane, we must put on our air mask before we can place it on our children. 

Here are some suggestion dealing with stress:

  • Keep a journal.– Write and process your thoughts & feelings.
  • Exercise.– Move your body each day.
  • Eat healthy and regular meals.– You are what you eat.
  • Adhere to a sleep routine.– We need 7-8 hours per night for maximum functioning.
  • Avoid caffeine.– Too much caffeine can give you the jitters.
  • Spend time with family and friends.– Laugh and play together.