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What is Safe2Tell?

Safe2Tell is a safe anonymous way to report any safety related issues that concern the safety of students, staff, or community members. These concerns will be promptly forwarded to law enforcement, public safety agencies, and school officials.

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Standard Reunification Method

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It may be necessary in some emergencies to evacuate students from the school and take them to another location. When this happens Standard Reunification Method will be used to reunite students and their parents or guardians. This ensures each student is accounted for, and they leave with the appropriate person.

Key things to remember:

  • Stay Home: If your student is evacuated from school, please do not come to the school. The school district will tell you when and where you can pick up your student(s).
  • Stay Informed: Make sure your contact information is up-to-date with the school(s) your student(s) attend. This will ensure WGSD can contact you when it is time to pick up your student(s).
  • Be Ready: Have you phone charged and your ID ready to present to WGSD staff at the reunification site. As soon as you have been notified it is time to be reunified with your student, proceed to the designated site.
Please be patient during the reunification process, as it will take time to reunite all students and we want to ensure the safety of everyone.

More Information

More detail about the Standard Reunifcation Method can be found at 

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