Ms. Harmone

Ms. Harmon


Master of Science:  Science Education
Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
Graduated May 2005


Bachelor of Arts:  Mathematics with emphasis in Secondary Education
University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO
Graduated May 1998

Philosophy Statement

     My interest in teaching developed when I was in seventh grade.  An inspirational teacher taught me that I could do anything I put my mind to, and from that moment, I knew that teaching was my calling.  This teacher had many qualities that I believe made him a great teacher.  He made me strive to be a life-long learner by being passionate, full of humor, creative, and encouraging. These attributes that my seventh grade teacher possessed are what guide my educational beliefs.

     I am passionate about math and science.  I believe being a life-long learner has assisted me in this area.  By acquiring new knowledge in the math and science fields, learning new technologies that are utilized to instruct students, and implementing real life situations and problems in the classroom, I have increased my passion.  I have accomplished this by attending many seminars, conferences, and employing the knowledge of my peers.  Students observe my passion, and it encourages them to become lifelong learners too.

     I believe that a good sense of humor and creativity go a long way in the classroom.  Humor creates a positive learning environment by humanizing the classroom. Creativity leads to interesting lessons and variety.  Not only do these teaching tactics reach different types of learners, they also take the monotony out of the classroom.  This allows students to think outside the boundaries of the class, promotes a strong desire to learn, and provides a comfortable, safe learning environment in which all children can succeed.  I bring creativity and humor to the classroom by relating topics to stories, allowing laughter and silliness, and by delivering lessons that convey real life experiences.   

    My goal is to have students succeed in school and in life.  To do this they need encouragement.  Students always receive support and encouragement from me.  It comes in many different forms, such as, calling students and helping them on the phone, e-mailing them missing assignments, discussing alternative support options with them and their parents, being available for help during multiple time periods, assisting them during class, and being available to listen and assist them in life situations.  Increasing self-esteem through these forms of support and encouragement improves the learner’s success.

     The passion, humor, creativity, and encouragement I have, has led to successful students.  When students observe these attributes they know I care about them and their future. This knowledge contributes to the students learning ability and their ability to apply the knowledge they learn in society.

Mr. Nauta

    I am from Douglas Wyoming where I graduated from Douglas High school. I spent my high school career playing football, wrestling and rodeo. However, my passion resided in the National FFA Organization. For my SAE project I raised, marketed and sold market and breeding swine to other 4-H and FFA members.

    Additionally, I competed in Livestock judging and speaking contest in FFA while also serving in multiplechapter officer positions. Concluding my high school career, I was elected to the position of WyomingState FFA 3 rd Vice President and capitalizing on my success in livestock judging I was awarded ascholarship to judge at Laramie County Community College. During my time at LCCC I competed on a
national level in livestock judging and was also able to travel with the livestock show team. I also servedas president of the Block and Bridle club before graduating with an associates in agriculture.

    I continued my academic career at Oklahoma State University where I pursued my passion of agriculture by declaring my major in animal science\agriculture education. During my time at OklahomaState I broadened my professional career by working for the Oklahoma State Swine Research center where I was able to participate in numerous trails and experiments dealing with nutrition. This sparked my interest in feed science and lead me to take an internship with Archer Daniels Midland “Alliance Nutrition” where I submerged myself in the world of feed manufacturing and livestock nutrition.

    I have a strong love for animal science and research but none of the things that I have accomplished in life would have been possible if not for the National FFA Organization. It is my passion for the FFA and the members within it that have led to the position I currently hold. I am extremely excited to be in Kremmling and am looking forward to building a winning tradition that students and community members can be proud of.